Welcome to Story Book Town!

I love reading. I love sharing my thoughts. This site puts the two together into a book review site. Two years ago, I made a Goodreads account. And there, I found perhaps my favourite place on Earth — a place to find books, read books, and talk about books! Nothing could be better. Before I knew it, I was writing lengthy thoughts after each novel I read. And that led to the creation of Story Book Town.

I read a lot of young-adult and new-adult fiction. I enjoy realistic/contemporary fiction, dystopian fiction, sci-fi, and anything else that piques my interest.

My reviews may not follow a conventional format. But I promise — they are brutally honest. I write reviews immediately after reading, so you can be assured that all my thoughts are as fresh as they can get!

Review Format

  • Cover: An image of the cover, and maybe a comment on the cover if it is particularly heinous or gorgeous.
  • Synopsis: I do not write these myself. I get them off the Internet.
  • Review: A stream-of-consciousness review of anything I find relevant about the book. This may include thoughts on character/plot development, writing style, emotions evoked, and anything else particularly noteworthy. I usually refer to specific things, so it’s best to read the review after reading (although I try to avoid spoilers).
  • Related reading: Other books that come to mind after reading this book, for whatever reason.
  • Rating: /5


Want to contact me? Find me on Goodreads here


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