No Love Allowed – Kate Evangelista


It’s all fun and parties until someone falls in love in this modern fairy tale from author Kate Evangelista.

Caleb desperately needs a fake girlfriend. Either he attends a series of parties for his father’s law firm with a pretty girl on his arm, or he gets shipped off to Yale to start a future he’s not ready for and isn’t sure he wants. And sadly, the last unattached girl in his social circle has just made the grievous mistake of falling in love with him. Fortunately, Didi, recently fired waitress and aspiring painter, is open to new experiences. As the summer ticks by in a whirl of lavish parties, there’s only one rule: They must not fall in love!


This book was a little over the top and a complete whirlwind. I felt a little camaraderie for the author, who “made it” from my family’s old stomping grounds.

It’s not easy to read books about bipolar disorder. It’s hard to describe and capture accurately. I’m not sure if this book did so properly.

I also felt like the love story went from zero to a hundred. It wasn’t insta-love, but it did happen in a quick minute. Also, can anyone say Pretty Woman? This book was all about living out this crazy fantasy. Can people really be so nice and wealthy and perfect? It was too good to be true, and that made it hard to relate to.

This book didn’t really do anything for me. I’m sure some people would enjoy such a fun, fantastical romp. Unfortunately, it was a little too farfetched for my liking.

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Rating: 1/5


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