Like It Never Happened – Emily Adrian


Stereotypes, sexuality, and destructive rumors collide in this smart YA novel for fans of Sara Zarr’s Story of a Girl, Siobhan Vivian’s The List, and E. Lockhart’s The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.

When Rebecca Rivers lands the lead in her school’s production of The Crucible, she gets to change roles in real life, too. She casts off her old reputation, grows close with her four rowdy cast-mates, and kisses the extremely handsome Charlie Lamb onstage. Even Mr. McFadden, the play’s critical director, can find no fault with Rebecca.

Though “The Essential Five” vow never to date each other, Rebecca can’t help her feelings for Charlie, leaving her both conflicted and lovestruck. But the on and off-stage drama of the cast is eclipsed by a life-altering accusation that threatens to destroy everything…even if some of it is just make believe.


I loved this book! It’s a book about self-discovery above all else. At first, I thought it would be a total love story. Cute, simple, and perfect. I’m a big fan of “perfect.” I thought the family drama would be the main issue. Boy, was I wrong.

A lot more happened than I expected. This story was very centred around friendship. I’d say family took precedent over love, too. But above all that was Rebecca Rivers, riding the tide, and learning to embrace her talent, beauty, and everything she stood for. It was inspiring, in a way.

I’ve always been in love with the stage, and this book drew out the best parts of the thespian life. What it’s like to be at the centre of the universe, to feel oh-so-essential in some fictitious world. This book captured that enthralling beauty of theatre. It’s fleeting, and the best performances can never quite be repeated. The emotions become genuine, and the characters come to life. I did not know much about A Streetcar Named Desire,but I sure learned to appreciate it. I feel like Emily Adrian could peel back the layers to any story and make it meaningful. I’m a huge, huge fan.

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Rating: 5/5


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