Get Me – Jillian Dodd (KC #6)


Will Keatyn get her life back?
And if she does, which life will she choose?

This is the 6th and final book in the series.

Note: Yes, you do need to read the others before reading this one. Otherwise, you WILL be super confused.


This may be the only series that is completely vapid and shallow, yet I totally adore it. Darn.

UGH. I have such mixed feelings about this book (and this series as a whole). But I ended up feeling so warm and happy by the end of it. I guess I wanted to read that magical, fairytale ending. I wanted the best for all the characters. Some of them felt lost and forgotten in the fray though, which was disappointing since they were so important early on (e.g. Dallas, Dawson, Annie…). But I guess that mimics real life—relationships change, expand, and grow over time.

Keatyn was such an unlikable character. She’s often inconsiderate and self-absorbed. There were moments that made me so frustrated. Why would anyone want to put up with her?! And how does she seem to have infinite money?! Trust funds only go so far.

As for Vincent, you can only hold your suspension of disbelief for so long. Some things are a threat to national security. Some things are the type to start wars. There are immense consequences for actions, and we have to realize that Vincent didn’t drive everything by himself. He had others by his side, which never got addressed.

I felt like the love triangle was still being drawn out unnecessarily. Everyone knows who Keatyn is meant to be with. I’m still glad that everything unfolded the way it did though. Also, Knox was a completely unnecessary character. But I loved everything in France, I love Damian and Riley, and I loved how the whole story was framed after taking out the dirt. That genuinely surprised me, and evoked so much nostalgia for this crazy journey.

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Rating: 4/5, although I objectively know it should be rated lower


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