Slice – Steven Herrick


A funny, refreshing look at the most awkward time in any young boy’s life from school, girls, and parties to parents, friends, and the dreaded “sex talk”.

Darcy Walker is a normal 16-year-old boy but he can handle that. He can even cope with parents, deal with parties, and soldier through the occasional fight. He’s certainly got his infatuation with the beautiful Audrey under control, is clearly the best at spending quality chess-time with his nerdy best friend, Noah, and doesn’t blink an eye at the misadventures that can occur when kayaking on a school excursion. He’s a teenage boy – he can handle anything. That is, if only he’d learn to keep his mouth closed first.


This book felt endless, meandering, and pointless for the majority of it. It was definitely a slice of life, which meant there wasn’t much of a plot. I thought the ending was cute though.

It felt really young. Darcy was so innocent, as were his thoughts! It felt like things simply happened to him, and he didn’t really instigate things in his life much. He was quite quirky at times too.

It was a struggle to stay interested. I felt the bullying was a little unrealistic, but at least things got resolved earnestly by the end. I thought Noah was a bit off-base, but he became likeable too. And manicpixiedreamgirl Audrey was just right for Darcy. Hooray!

I liked his English teacher. I loved the bit about his grandfather. Darcy took life lightly, and seemed to meander aimlessly in the breeze. The story came off as a stream-of-consciousness-type thing, which was a little annoying at times. But somehow, by the end, everyone seemed to have redeeming qualities. Three pages before the book was over, I was so confused how the book could end off, because each chapter was still random and uneventful. But it tied off nicely, and I felt myself reflecting on the events of Darcy’s life during year 11.

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Rating: 3/5

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