Being Sloane Jacobs – Lauren Morrill


Meet Sloane Emily Jacobs: a seriously stressed-out figure-skater from Washington, D.C., who choked during junior nationals and isn’t sure she’s ready for a comeback. What she does know is that she’d give anything to escape the mass of misery that is her life.

Now meet Sloane Devon Jacobs, a spunky ice hockey player from Philly who’s been suspended from her team for too many aggressive hip checks. Her punishment? Hockey camp, now, when she’s playing the worst she’s ever played. If she messes up? Her life will be over.

When the two Sloanes meet by chance in Montreal and decide to trade places for the summer, each girl thinks she’s the lucky one: no strangers to judge or laugh at Sloane Emily, no scouts expecting Sloane Devon to be a hero. But it didn’t occur to Sloane E. that while avoiding sequins and axels she might meet a hockey hottie—and Sloane D. never expected to run into a familiar (and very good-looking) face from home. It’s not long before the Sloanes discover that convincing people you’re someone else might be more difficult than being yourself.


This was a disappointment.

I’d been dying to read this book since the Olympics. I LOVE figure skating. I LOVE hockey. What’s more Canadian than that? Now that the snow is finally melting, I hoped this book would capture the taste of the thrilling competition and wintry goodness. But it didn’t.

Both of the characters were really whiny. They were so dramatic about every little thing in their lives. They were too hung up on relationships. And their notions of revenge were simply immature. Even the skating and playing was unrealistic. Have you ever seen Battle of the Blades? That stuff is HARD. Everything came together a little too easily. At the end, there was a neat little bow tying up EVERY SINGLE problem in their lives.

My main issue with this book was that it was too after-school special. Cut out the attempt at providing lessons, because they were all quickly undermined by the characters’ childish behaviour.

While the premise was cute, the execution definitely fell short. Kiss and cry, why don’t we?

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Rating: 3/5


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