The Dating Game Series – Natalie Standiford


When three high school sophomores set up a weblog as a class project to research whether girls or boys are more sex-crazed–and to play matchmaker, their own messy love lives become even more complicated.


Run away fast. Now! This wasn’t even a guilty-pleasure, it was more like guilty-torture. Here’s a sample excerpt:

After Book 1:
This book was terrifying. These girls are only 15! They are so young, naive, and delusional.

One quote had me laughing: “Madison was thirsty.” Considering the colloquial meaning of thirsty, I’d agree 100%. She was absolutely desperate for attention and validation, which was pretty sad.
Lina came across as creepy. Her whole situation was a bit too stalker-y for me to handle. I found myself cringing and hoping that it would all STOP.
I felt bad for Holly. She seemed somewhat normal, if a bit jaded (at such a young age!).

Overall, this book left a bad taste in my mouth. And it made me feel really, really old.

After Book 2:
I’m losing brain cells as I read this.

After Book 3:
This series is childish and immature.

After Book 4:

After Book 5:
Oh no, I’ve started to lose so many brain cells that this installment was actually halfway decent. I thought all of the storylines were cute. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

After Book 6:
Well, that was a lame and unremarkable ending.
How did I possibly get through this whole series?!

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Rating: 1/5 (or 0/5, if that’s possible)

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