Double Digit – Annabel Monaghan


To say eighteen-year-old Farrah Higgins—or Digit—is good at math is a laughable understatement. She’s been cracking codes since childhood, and is finally at home with “her people” at MIT in Cambridge. Her talents are so off the charts that her laptop is under surveillance by both the CIA and an ecoterrorist named Jonas Furnis. So when she thoughtlessly hacks into the Department of Defense’s database, she lands in serious hot water inside and outside the law. Readers will be sad to turn the last page of this suspenseful, sassy, super smart thriller, the sequel to A Girl Named Digit.


This book may take place at college (MIT, no less), but it’s a little more young on the spectrum of YA.

The good:
1. Somewhat normal college life.
2. Puzzles.
3. The hackers (and Clementine).

The Bad:
1. Far-fetched.
2. Cliffhanger ending.
3. Love triangle (and frustrating relationships in general).
4. A lot of this focused on Jonas Furnis with a thinly-veiled warning about the environment. It was weird that none of it mattered by the end.
5. Everything came way too easily.

Digit’s life changed dramatically from the first book. She seems to have grown up a bit; lost some of her eccentricity. I don’t know why this book didn’t really do it for me, but I felt myself getting more and more disinterested with her story.

Related Reading

  • A Girl Named Digit – Annabel Monaghan
  • Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell (college life done right)
  • Hacking Harvard – Robin Wasserman
  • How to Lead a Life of Crime – Kirsten Miller

Rating: 2/5

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